Linksammlung zu Online-Tools

Hier sind zahlreiche Links zu Web-Tools, die beim Programmieren mit ECMAScript hilfreich sein können. Es kann Links geben, die nicht mehr aktuell sind.

Usefull online tools and tests

Crockford jsLint Online-Tool: untersucht ECMAScript 5 strict mode

Crockford jsMin-Tool Online-Tool für ECMAScript-Packer;    jsMin-Infos Infos zum ECMAScript-Packer

Crockford jsonLint Online-Tool: The JSON Validator

Edwards js-Packer Packer für ECMAScript-Code

Lielmanis js-unpacker Javascript unpacker and beautifier

W3C W3C-Qality-Tools Zusammenstellung von W3C-Tools, wie z.B.
Unicorn - W3C's Unified Validator
HTML-XHTML-SVG-MathML-MarkUp Validator
Link Checker - Checks anchors (hyperlinks) in a HTML/XHTML document. Useful to find broken links, etc.
CSS Validator - validates CSS stylesheets or documents using CSS stylesheets.
Semantic Extractor - Sees a Web page from a semantic point of view. Extracts such information as outline, description, languages used, etc.
RDF Validator - Checks and Visualize RDF documents
Feed Validator - Checks newsfeeds in formats like ATOM and RSS.
P3P Validator - Checks whether a site is P3P enabled and controls protocol and syntax of Policy-Reference-File and Policy
XML Schema Validator

Google svg-editor A complete vector graphics editor in the browser
Free-hand drawing 
Lines, Polylines 
Polygons/Curved Paths 
Stylable Text 
Raster Images 
Color/Gradient picker 
Layers 	Convert Shapes to Path 
Wireframe Mode 
Save drawing to SVG 
Linear Gradient Picking 
View and Edit SVG Source 
UI Localization 
Resizable Canvas 
Change Background 
Draggable Dialogs 
Resizable UI (SVG icons) 
Open Local Files 
Import SVG into Drawing 
Connector lines and Arrows 	Plugin Architecture 
Smoother freehand paths 
Editing outside the canvas 
Increased support for SVG elements 
Add/edit Sub-paths 
Multiple path segment selection 
Support for foreign markup (MathML) 
Radial Gradients 
Configurable Options 
Eye-dropper tool 
Stroke linejoin and linecap 
Export to PNG

W3C CSS-Validator CSS validate-Service by Input (

W3C RDF-Validator RDF-Syntax

W3C Internationalization Checker
W3C bomtester
HTTP Viewer
Mozilla Web-Sniffer W3C's Open Source Software (Übersicht über alle W3C-Tool) DTD2Schema A Conversion Tool from DTD to XML Schema (perl ...) BOM-Tester Browser-Unterstützung (HTML5 & CSS3 Support) html5-Test's quirksmode-Test's

Usefull Infos (Develoment)

Kevin van Zonneveld (PHP-Funktion to js-Funktionen)


DOM Scripting Blog

David Flanagan

Dan Webb



Painfully Obvious

Simon Willison’s Weblog

Erik’s Weblog

Emil’s Chronicle